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Anchor Text Questions and how GSA SER handles it , calling all expert

Hey fellas, 

So my main money site has around 800+ post ish that is ranking for keywords, ranging from 20-60 spot. The idea is now to use GSA SER to push these up a little more. 

But i cant seem to figure out how GSA SER handles the URL with anchor text, 

I am looking at these fields:

1: DATA -> URL 
2: DATA Keywords
3: DATA-> Anchor Text(based on main keywords)

I have a notepad file with all my URL in this format with anchor text, its basicly the URL and what keyword its currently ranking for.

URL#Anchor Text 1
URL#Anchor Text 2
URL#Anchor Text 3
URL#Anchor Text 4

And so on and on, around 800 of them 

Currently based on how i understand GSA SER, i have filled the DATA-URL field with 
the same 800 URL's but not with the #anchor text ..just URL

Then i in the DATA-> Anchor Text field i have put in the same 800 URL with anchor text like this:


The thinking is that(if i understand this correct) GSA will take a URL from the DATA-URL field 
and then when it sees the same URL in the DATA-Anchor Text Field, it will then take the Anchor Text from it and post that anchor text to that URL.

Basically what i am looking to do is , have GSA SER create links, but not just use random keywords all the time..but the exact anchor text instead that i have specified for each URL. 

But of course i don't want to use the same anchor text 100% of the time, so in the fields:

1:Generic anchor text  = 30%
2:Domain as anchor text = 40%
3:Try to use domain/generic anchor with main anchor = Checked
4:LSI anchor text = 20%

The DATA-> Keyword field, i have filled it with keywords that would make sense for majority of the post...kinda 1 size fits all..around 400 keywords ish.

Am i doing this complete wrong, if so were should i put what ? 

Been scratching my head with this for a while now, did check a few older threads but did not see a clear answer..maybe its in plain sight or maybe i am just over complicating more then it is.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    you have to impurt that to the URL field where you then have the combobox with all the URLs in it.


  • SvenSven
    it's really easy. You can take your file with the URL#anchortext and import that directly.

    create a project and click EDIT next to the URL input field. There you will import from file and have URL and anchor in the list. SER will now use the anchor added to the URL after the "#" instead of the anchor you added in the field below. That is for the main and secondary anchor (secondary anchor format is URL#anchor#secondary) , however the lsi/branding and so on anchor types still need to be filled globally.
  • @Sven ;

    Thanks Sven :)  

    So just so i understood this correct:

    I will take my file with the URL#anchor text  and import it to the Field called  = Data-> Anchor Text (based on main keyword)  ?

    Or do you mean import it to the first field all the way at the top called "URL"

    Picture :

    Sry for the many questions Sven, hope you dont mind. 

  • Thanks @Sven ;

    Your the best, thanks a lot for the help and support 


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