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Generate millions of posts/pages in less than a second with our WP plugin

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I've created a WordPress plugin that can generate millions of posts/pages in less than a second and takes approx 90mb disk space (including database). No need to buy any expensive hosting or dedicated servers to generate sites.

You can use ANY hosting that supports WordPress. I myself use $10/month DigitalOcean instances to host 25-50 sites with 42k+ pages/posts each.  

I'm not very good at sales texts. It took me more than a year to create it. My project url is 

Some of the features my plugin has:

  • Fast work even with millions of pages, posts
  • You can easily add more than 100 tags to each post
  • Optimized disk usage. Average site uses approximately 90MB of disk space
  • Optimized to use on any hosting that supports WordPress. You can generate a site without any additional expensive dedicated servers or powerful hosting.
  • Overlay Google optimized content with another content, site or redirect to another site if real visitors come to the site
  • Advanced and easy work with variables(tags) that replaced by keywords in final pages/posts
  • Built in zip codes/cities/states database of USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.
  • Smart filters and widget that will help you to build different SILO structures for affiliate and local sites
  • Log web crawlers that visited your site
  • Hide/show content for real visitors
  • Rating and local business schema markup to boost your rankings
  • Advanced image features to optimize page/post for your keywords
  • Automated updates
  • Built in sitemap in XML and HTML formats
  • Built in videos sitemap feature
  • Simple ads management feature
  • Customizable slug URL
  • and many more features that we will be adding every week…
So if you are interested to buy it or test drive check out 

My best regards,
Valera Vlasyuk


  • KevinRBKevinRB Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Trying to contact you....but no answer, is this project dead?.
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