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How to search for target urls to post

ok i i want to let gsa ranker search for target urls using keywords and let it post to articles,blogcomments etc and that way let it build a verified site list. But what does required to make this work? do i need to finde relative keywords to my anchorstext? or do i need to have just a bunch of different keyword ´? and how many keywords to i need i have 500k keywords. But if i upload it to gsa ranker will it crash?

How do i do if i want to search for swedish target urls? or places to post my links, in like swedish articles etc?


  • edited February 2017
    You can either have a variety of random keywords or you can import niche specific that's your choice, 1k or so would do but again thats your choice also, but you'd probably be best off scraping your own with scrapebox and then importing to SER.

    As for swedish, if you're using gsa to scrape, tick swedish engines in the "options" tab.

    Best option is to use scrapebox with keywords and footprints then import to ser.
  • you mean get gsa ranker footprints and merge with swedish keywords and scrape for urls and then import the urls into gsa ranker to try to post and that way build a verified list?
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