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Dedicated server for GSA?

Can anyone please advise me a good provider of dedicated server for GSA? Was using datashack but they shutted down service for using GSA. Thanks.


  • What's your home internet connection like? Your computer specification? It's sometimes worth thinking about because if they are decent then you can save yourself money. I just run mine from home these days.

    If you're looking for a provider then SolidSEOVPS has a good rep around here and I've had some success in the past using Vultr but you have to install your own copy of Windows onto the server, which can be a fiddle but it's a cheaper option.
  • shaunshaun
    SolidSEOVPS have a decent one, I think its around the $120 per month mark but dont remember its name.
  • I agree with @Johan . I have a dell laptop and cable broadband. I have no problem blowing out 600-800 threads at around 45-55% cpu. If you have decent broadband, I am not sure you need to spend the $$ on a vps.
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