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The need for SERENGINES & Is is really needed ?

Hi fellas, 

So i have been running SERENGINES pretty successfully, created close to 3000 web2.0 within 3-4 days 
But then i ask myself, GSA SER does have a few web2.0 as well, and it it worth to pay 15 usd pr month for the extra engines. 

Does anyone know if its really gives a significant SEO benefit to be able to post to all these serengines platforms ? 

I am also starting to look into using a list instead of scraping myself, so my question is since i wont be scraping can i increase my thread limit to
alot higher. Or might the platforms have some sort of spam trigger that will ban my dedicated proxies ? 

Just want your guys input on the benefit of serengines, and my final question is about using a list (searched the forum but could not find a answer)

Lets imagine for a minute that i use a premium list to find targets, but from the looks of it this list does not contain any of the web.2.0's that serengines provides. So if i have a project and i tell it to use a list, but if i also have the serengine web.2.0's checked, then based on that it will never post to those web2.0's from serengine because scraping is turned off. Did i understand that correctly ? 

Hope some of the expert have some time on their hand to answer some of these questions, that would be highly appritated :)



  • Hi @servercookie - first of all a disclaimer that I don't use serengines so take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

    But I too have wondered what the effect will be. The usual rule of thumb is going to be that the harder a website is to post on and the more moderated that website is, then the higher the quality of the backlink.

    If you're blasting 3000 links to a few web 2.0 in less than a week then even if serengines subscriptions was in the low hundreds then you are talking a million new properties being created each week and I would think that is a very very conservative estimate.

    Something will have to give. Aside from the fact that I'm not convinced that 3000 links gives you any more authority than just 30. Exponentially are we saying that if you build 10 links instead of 1 that you get 10x the value from that Web 2.0 property? It doesn't seem right to me. So if you build 1000 links from that site, you're going to benefit 1000x times than just the single link? No. I don't buy it. The law of diminishing returns must be at work here. I suspect that once you've built more than a handful it tapers off very quickly to the point where you're just spinning your wheels. I've not tested it, it's just a hunch.

    That level of spam is also surely going to lead to either the websites concerned tightening their registration to make it impossible to spam or Google is going to come along with their black and white animals and devalue the links from the site.

    I've dabbled with automated solutions but I just build these kinds of link by hand nowadays. The links stick, they pass any kind of manual inspection because they're well made, with good content and by someone who will also post on other sites within the network and involves themselves in whatever that community is. It takes more time but I've learned to hard way that it's better to build castles than straw houses that blow over in the wind.

    Be interested to hear other views though, like I said I haven't used the tool, I'm happy as I am but I'm always willing to be persuaded :)
  • @Johan

    Hi and thanks for that  reply m8, appreciated :)

    I also think that once you start blasting to many web.20 on the same platforms the benefits kinda dwindle off, might be wrong but everything is pointing towards that as i got quite a bit web2.0 pointing to my money site. 

    Another issue as you mentioned is getting the links to stick, and in that sense it makes more sense to create fewer web.2.0 links and not overdo it. I noticed that quite alot of the web.2.0 are now not there anymore, propably flagged as spam. I might have over done it alittle bit :D 

    This entire seo business is not something that can be learned in a few weeks or even months, starting to see that now. Its alot of trial and error and i have my fair share of them.

    But i have eased up on web.2.0 now, trying not to spam them to much.....just very early on now it looks like they are not getting flagged, crossing fingers. 

    But also hoping someone else might have chim in on this and share your experience on the matter

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