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How do I get Selenium-like capabilities while remaining as anonymous as possible

KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
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Hi, I'm looking for something with web automation capabilities like Selenium that would let me conveniently fake the "browser information" that this site (for example) displays:

Basically, I need to change the system info available to the javascript environment on a per-request basis, to appear as a different (and genuine) user to the same web app each time I visit a page and post a form, while having javascript enabled. Having a unique IP and user agent string for each request is already not a problem.

I need this to accomplish something like visiting the same page and posting the same form on the same site 1,000 times in quick succession, without giving any clue that any of the visitors are not unique users.

Any hint will do, even if the solution doesn't turn out convenient.


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    I dont know if I'm completely understanding your question, but basically any programming language lets you set your user-agent and post info to whatever you want.

    It sounds like you'd be doing curl requests of one sort or another, those literally let you set the header-info in the GET / POST queries.

    If your looking for something simple, like a browser-based solution, firefox has plenty of plugins for this sort of thing. Just look up "User-agent spoofer" or something along those lines.
  • seohubseohub has JS support and a lot of good stuff. You can also use it on Unix, Windows and Mac.
    You can use pure JS, Python or PHP to automate and I found it super fast on Javascript sites. There are some issues on Unix OS, but they should be sorted now. Good luck!
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