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Sven Please Save my verified links.....

After the lot of struggle my link is getting verified but some frustration of second it's just get removed it hurts a lot. Is there any facility to stop the link loss. I have already complaint you about that when a link is alive it's getting removed from the campaign.
Don't remove URLs(check hint)  even If I tick this option the link is getting lose. Give me a best solution to solve this issue.



  • SvenSven
    That option if not for verified urls but for submitted once. The only optiont hat will remove your verified links is "re-verify  existing backlinks...".
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    If I didn't do re-verification my old verified links won't be removed? right??
  • SvenSven
    thats the plan...however you will end up with links over the time who are no longer valid.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    SER is not only removing "no longer valid" links it's also removing "valid links", The link which is removed from the campaign is still live I have checked that manually.

    I think it might be SER BUGS.
  • SvenSven
    no it's not. That might however happen if

    a) the server is temporary down and the time SER checks the link it gets an error message
    b) your proxies give back an error message instead of the content of the site

    You can reimport those files verified links in "show verified urls" dialog by right click on the listing->import verified urls->from failed verified.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    No I'm running above 20 projects, for each project I can't set them manually listing->import verified urls, 
    Please make them automated process for this option.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    You have did a great job in guiding others but I couldn't understand many thinks :(, @shaun has explained very clearly. :)
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