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What makes a B0T human?

KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
edited February 2017 in Other / Off Topic

I'm looking for a comprehensive lesson on humanity.

At what point can a program pass for a human when submitting forms online?

I'm using a custom browser with:
  • Different user agents
  • Different OS
  • Major ISP IPs
  • 1 IP = 1 User + X posts of
  • Quality copyrighted content
  • Fake referrer
  • Cookies
  • JS support
  • Random ''screen'' resolution
What else should I do to avoid being detected on sites that hate robots?

I dream of being human.


  • SvenSven
    - different options on browsers like the DNT header.
    - make sure you reply different screen/desktop resolutions on javascript requests

  • Thanks Sven!
  • seohubseohub
    - Speed of actions on the site as in how quickly you fill forms, click buttons...etc.
    - Keyboard emulation as some sites have JS to detect when text is being typed in full or one character at a time.
  • - Detection of your mouse
    - Detection of your fonts, plugins, etc.
    - Tracking of your mouse
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