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Hello @sven
Can you add to GSA Captcha Breaker, this function.

Example: GSA CB get 1 captcha, after solve this captcha GSA CB think its reCAPTCHA.
And now CB send captcha to service I will shew.

Recaptcha, Nocaptcha, Solvemedia ->
Other captcha ->


  • shaunshaun
    Not 100% sure I understand what you are after but there is something close using GSA SER and CB if thats the tool you need it for?

    In the project's options tab in SER click your captcha solver until the below box pops up.


    Make 2Captcha your top server and have it set for only for hard captchas, this sends Solve and ReCaptcha to it.

    Then have CB as your second option.

    Then in CB set it up so if CB fails to solve the captcha to send it off to Anti-captcha.

    If my understanding is correct then SER will send all ReCaptcha and Solve off to 2Captcha and everything to CB then CB will send anything it fails to Anti Captcha for you.
  • ErMaxErMax UKRAINE
    edited January 2018
    @shaun i use with good solved many captchas, but not good solved reCaptcha.

    I want to use as:
    1. reCaptcha ->
    2. All other capthas ->

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  • shaunshaun
    Then instead of where I said CB above add your 1Captcha details and SER will send everything there.
  • ErMaxErMax UKRAINE
    edited February 2017
    Its if use SER. But if i use other submitter?

    Its function need for me for other submitter.

    PS. I read your blog, good content.
  • shaunshaun
    Cheers mate :).

    So just to confirm, you want ReCaptcha and stuff to go to 2Captcha, and everything else to go to 1Captcha? Or do you want GSA CB to have a crack at stuff and then send it to 1Captcha?
  • ErMaxErMax UKRAINE
    edited February 2017
    I want function in GSA CB
    GSA CB detect what kind of captcha he received.
    IF this reCaptha his send to
    IF other capthas send to
    AND that the GSA program was a checkbox "only detected captchas, without solved"

    Its need example for rankerx.
    If you use rankerx, you know, rankerx send all capthas (except google nocaptcha) to "Primary Captcha Service"
    If we use in "Primary Captcha Service" 1capthas, rankerx send recaptcha to 1capthas, and we get wrong answer.
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