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SEO reports for clients


I'm looking for good looking SEO reports (PDF) that I can edit.

Any recommended service paid / free that provide nice looking Onpage SEO reports from domain?


  • WooRank for on-page I think would be best. I've never used the paid sub but it's good for a quick check. I think they export to PDF, too. 

    I do it manually with SEOQuake - screenshot it and write about it. That + SEMRush/Ahrefs/Moz/Majestic figures and graphs is usually good enough to get a potential client's attention, if that's what you're doing.

    Saying that, I only write proposals/reports for people that are opted-in and interested or have been referred.

  • Just seen a similar thread on BHW:

    These were the suggestions. Never used them myself.
  • What kind of scale are you looking at? If it's just for a few domains / clients, Moz and Raventools worked well when I was doing this kinda stuff 3-4 years ago. If you need to generate a lot (say for sales pitches) you'll may need something else that allows you to analyze more domains.
  • You can go on Fiverr to get on page SEO service. You will get best. But you can make PDF by your own and you can be marketing it.  You can use PDF Forte for it. I am SEO expert. I normally use PDF Forte for making PDF and share on pdf sharing sites. It's generating so many visitors. here is PDF Forte Official Site:
  • All you need is worth the monthly at $79
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