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After 2 Weeks no luck to post even 1 Web 2.0

Hello guys,

How are you all?

I tried very hard to get out with this but unsuccessful,so i post it here to get some help from you guys.

I am using GSA and the SEREngines and trying only to post on these for my tier 1. But yet i am not able to post/create single web 2.0.

Please help me

Regards :)


  • shaunshaun
    Are you using the SERE beta engines at the top of the platforms pannel rather than the SERE V1 and native Web 2 engines?

    I have never had much luck with the SERE V1 engines or the native Web 2 engines as explained in this post.
  • I am talking about the SEREngines. After adding fresh proxing and DBC, I am seeing some success but still not enough to satisfy me. :( Can you guru's help me in this?
  • shaunshaun
    I know you are talking about SERE but you didn't answer my question.....what verrsion of SERE are you using? The one at the top or the one at the bottom from the screenshot below.


  • I checked both of them at the moment. After trying so hard i got 4 web 2.0 :(
  • shaunshaun
    Untick the bottom ones and leave only the top one ticked.

    What emails, proxies and captcha solving are you trying?
  • 14:49:53: [-] 099/139 download failed (Return: -, SockError: Connection refused) -

    I am getting this when i select beta version of SEREngines 2.

    I am using private proxies, Death by Captcha and yahoo emails. (Previously Gmail)
  • UmerUmer Dubai
    edited February 2017
    Please see the following pic.


  • shaunshaun
    Just replied in the other thread, where are you getting your proxies from and how many times have you hit these websites with them? I saw you say you only have 10 proxies in the other thread, I cant be sure but I would suspect the web 2.0 domains have soft bans for proxies when they feel they are making automated queries just as search engines, social media and social bookmarking sites do.
  • Proxies from SquidProxies and i used only 10 threads with 180 html timeout.

    If they ban me first time then how many proxies you suggest me for this?
  • Test your yahoo emails and make sure they are working- all of mine stopped working a few weeks ago
  • Mike. I am checking before starting my project and they are working well.

    Any other email that you recommend to get the high results. Thank you
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    If you need to create a ton of web 2.0 use rotating proxies.

    Anyone know any good email providers that accept PayPal or debit card?
  • Use a catchall email. Works great for all but one of the SERE platforms. Proxies are your likely issue. As @shaun has already said, they will soft-ban your proxies pretty quickly if you are hitting them all day, every day. 'Testing' them won't make a difference and does not indicate a soft-ban from those sites. Just because they test as successful or work elsewhere, does not mean you have avoided a soft-ban. Try a fresh set. If you get results, then you know it was a soft-ban. And finally, not sure what your expectations are with SERE, but it should not be anywhere near an SER type expectation. Your results in total numbers will be much lower. But, these types of links are much more valuable. Obvious trade-off there. 
  • I am getting some better results from SERE to turn off some Web 2.0 including

    (Ampedpages, Iamsport,,Onesmablog,

    These are just giving me some error and eating captcha rest are doing very well job.

    @Viking yes the numbers are very low but worth it I got 50 Web 2.0 with in 6 (8Hours) so we can say it's valuable but still it's not giving us as much as we pay for it separately.
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