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GSA Auto websites Submitter

hi guys

i want ask how many typies of platforms can GSA Auto websites Submitter support them for post comments ?

thank you


  • SvenSven
    That software is not going to submit comments at all. It uses mainly article and directory sites.
  • ok Auto SoftSubmit can post comments ?
  • SvenSven
    NO! GSA Search Engine Ranker is the only one that can do it.
  • thank you so much

    ok what typies of platforms GSA Search Engine Ranker support ????????
  • SvenSven
    Why do you came here anyway? We have demo versions of all our software online. Just try them and you will see it.
    Anyway, that software comes with all sorts of platfroms and every type to submit to. Over 700 engines/platforms.
  • thank you much i dont notice the Demo

    last question what language you coded GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • SvenSven
    why is that of interest for you?
  • edited February 2017
    i just want to know language programming if u dont mind
  • shaunshaun
    I have no idea about coding but that sounds stupid.....

    Say GSA SER is coded in a language you personally consider the worse possible language out there but it is updated a few times a week. Then you have a rival tool coded in a language you feel is better but the developer abandoned it years your logic the second tool is better?
  • SvenSven
    @nicotine are you planning to reversengineer it? ;)
  • hehehe no belive me brother
    i just before use hack pc tool and that kind of software It depends on the programming language  for see of this software is  strength or not
    am not programmer for do reversengineeror something like that

    you can said this is curiosity from me
    for example xrumer coded in 4 language Delphi + paython + ASM + lua
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