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How Exactly Global Site Lists Works.

edited September 2012 in Need Help

I am trying the GSA and very much impress with the software...  One thing I am not understanding and have read most of the discussions here and on bhw forums. 

How exactly the global site lists work? I scraped some urls with the help of scrapebox and import them in GSA... Now when I select (Active - Global List Only) option, GSA is looking in the Success Folder for the url list...  I have separate folders for Identified/Success/Verified.

When I start the project it seem working for some time and then it keeps on saying "Loaded 0/50 URLs from site lists" is it ok? 

Will somebody please guide me step by step how to use GSA Global List and how should we use this feature.

I am in the process to purchase it very soon.

Thanks in Advance.



  • SvenSven
    0/50 means that none of the 50 loaded URLs are new to the project so it will not proceed any of them.
  • why it keeps on showing in loop... Why it is not stoping.
  • I tried with only 20 urls
  • SvenSven
    cuz it is taking randomly 50 URLs. It will never stop as it asumes that other threads might add new URLs to it.
  • should I stop it and start the verify process.

  • SvenSven
    If you have not many sites in it yes...just turn it back to a normal active mode
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