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First of all thanks a lot for providing us such a forum. I think it's exactly the right software infrastructure to grow together and sort and store knowledge. It's also nice to see the "usual suspects" here again :)

I've got one wish related to the forum itself (didn't found a more appropriate category): Can you please hide the threads for not logged in users and make secure that it doesn't get indexed by SE's? I know BHW is open related to this, but I don't think this forum has some SEO abitions and should be found by Google itself ;)

Thanks for everything! :)


  • SvenSven

    Making it invisible for search engines can be done by robots.txt. I am still unsure if I want this.

    Making it a private forum is no option for now as many none customers might ask here for help before buying it.

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I think you should have certain "private" sections for GSA customers so normal users who don't own GSA software can't see the ranking strategies and other stuff that will be shared between GSA customers :)
  • And also so spam protection users cant read how we get around their systems! Its not xrumer just yet, but if i have my way.....
  • It will be a big mistake if you intend to leave it so open. You have to make some sensitive part of this programme private for customers who bought GSA, while you leave the benefits and results open for people who want to buy it to see.
  • SvenSven
    Right now I don't see why I should close any section. Time might come but not now. RELAX!
  • True there is nothing particularly sensative at the moment, so there is no great hurry.

    There are benefits to having a private part of the forum open to verified owners only, a few examples are:

    1. You wont end up giving free support to people who havent paid you - as im sure you are aware prior to a certain version, it was possible to run the trial indefinitely.

    2. Exclusive access to a private forum is a selling point - who doesnt like to feel exclusive!

    3. Having an active community of people known to purhcase things from you is a useful marketing asset.

    4. Despite offering some of the best support i have experienced in the seo software field, keeping support separate from sales isnt a bad idea - people will claim things are broken if they dont understand how it works, a quick skim of a page full of such reports could put people off.

    5 I know you would like to see more people writing engines. As daft as it sounds, community feedback (rep and thanks mods are very popular on forums for a reason) is likely to encourage people to do so. 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited August 2012
    Yes. I think Sven gets the idea but it isn't a priority right now. It could be possible in the future but that will take some work to setup so there are other things he's probably taking care of before getting into any of that. I think that's what he means. :)
  • Oh i know, not a priority at all, just worth doing in the future.
  • I also understand the counter arguments, but I wouldn't make it too easy for scrip creators to find all information too easy to find counter measures and build honeypots. Of course this can't be prohibited but I wouldn't make it too easy.
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