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Check the links inserted in the url that we are promoting

Hello, I have been experimenting with gsa for a month and I have a question. I do not know if it's the right thread, so I apologize in advance and for my English too. I have a doubt and I do not know if GSA has this option.

I have seen that GSA can check if the url we inserted are alive even if they perform a redirect, a good tool.

But my doubt is the following. Imagine for example that I have a tier 1 made with rankerx. Later I create a tier 2 with Gsa linking to that tier1. Surely here a few weeks or months, those links created in tier 1 some no longer exist but it may be that the pages still exist.

My question is there any option in GSA that verifies besides if the url is online to check that those links are correct?

I do not know if I explained well :)
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