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Skip Site below PR

Hi all,

Whats your view on using "Skip Sites Below PR" and also Skip unknown PR sites?

I am using a 3 Tier project, and the first Tier links directly to my main Tier 1 which links directly to my money site. I usually make the first Tier as Sites below 1 and skip unknown and the rest unchecked. 

Problem is the LPM is way low and my question is, do you think it makes much difference if I uncheck these options in order to gather more links rather than concentrating more on quality especially being that they do not link directly to the Money Site?

Thanks in advance.


  • shaunshaun
    What platforms are you using in your tiers?
  • I am using:

    Blog Comments
    Social Network
  • shaunshaun
    In my oppinion article, social bookmarks, social networks and wikis would be fine with no filters.
  • Right great,  will try that, thanks for the advice!
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