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Total noob question (sorry in advance)


I'm new to GSA (4 days). I have created a tier 2 and 3 link building campaign that is linking to my 50 manual web 2.0's, this is all working as expected.

I have a second campaign that is tier 1 linking to my money site that has 200 submitted links but 0 verified (any ideas on this?).

Finally my fist campaign is creating web 2.0 profiles, can i get acess to the username and passwords for these GSA auto created web 2.0's?

Thanks i advance



  • shaunshaun
    It could be the engine you have selected, K2 take a while to verify these days.

    Are you self scraping or using a premium list?

    I'm 90% sure you can export account details, if you open the project there is a tools button at the bottom, play around with that im sure its in there somewhere, I have my SER locked down reveifying so I cant pull a project up and get the exact navigation.
  • Shaun you are a life saver (thank you dude), totally correct its under the export tab.

    The fact I don't know what self scraping or using a premium list actually means is probably the why it isn't working. Is self scraping the process that I create my own footprint or is that totally different.

    GSA SER is fantastic ibut full of things I don't understand.

    Thank you


  • shaunshaun
    No worries man, a premium list is one you pay for self scraping is when SER or other tools will get targets for your.

    I wrote this guide for GSA SER a few weeks back so its probably the most upto date guide around right now. It might be worth a read if you are brand new to the tool.
  • Ok final question (probably not) I have been through your entire guide. Based on that I have scraped a new set (100k) of target sites with scrapbook. I have left clicked on the project and added urls from file and my 100k list has been added to GSA SER. I then set my project onto only scrape from the globel list, but still only submitted 100 links and verified 0.

    Please help.

  • shaunshaun
    It could be a few things, screenshot and upload your version of the below.



  • Can you see the images on the above URL?
  • shaunshaun
    Yea mate, you didnt black out your money site though :p

    You have about half an hour where you can still edit the post so remove the link now.

    I am pretty sure the issue is because of your filters. My advice would be to duplicate the project, change the URL its making links for to or something, remove the filters and try that.
  • I totally can't make this work other campaign is working great this one 700 submitted 0 verified......... losing my mind. 
  • All screenshots of my setup here

  • shaunshaun
    Here is what I would do.

    • Turn of the web 2.0s I explain why here.
    • Turn off social bookmarks, they have too few targets.
    • Turn off GSA SEO Indexer you can see why here.
    • Turn your search engines right down, maybe Google and Bing only rather than 129.
    • Make a burner project and turn all the filters off change the URL and remove limits and see what happens.
    Just out of curiosity how many keywords do you have in the project for the tool to scrape with?
  • So i fixed this problem................... catch all wasn't working correctly. I now have another major issue. GSA has lost all my verified links for my tier 1 and 2 links, yet tier 3 in fine.

    Can i restore these?
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