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BHW members discussed is a worst system which have lot of bugs in it



  • @JudderMan
    Well I believe it's a footprint because you only have a maximum of 30 days to spread your links across. Think of how many people use the service, over and over.
    If you have a lot of urls, example a multiniche site.
    If you always use "premium".
    You would run it say one per niche? That's posting to the same premium sites per niche, warming up or not that duplicates referring domains.
    So if you have 100 niches, you seem to be repetitive in the RX process.
    Not just that, it's the times of post creations. If you run all in one day, Google aint stupid to see a pattern.
    You'd then have _/ on a scale and because say, the next day you don't do any it would be like _/\
    Whether they index altogether, weeks, months or not. Google will know they are all created either in sync or same times.
    Plus if they see domains over and over only from these premium, across multiple websites it's a footprint (to me) Might be wrong, might be overthinking. But that's my opinion on not using it anymore.

    However with SERE, we can leave it running and gradually scale up the links. They NEED more engines but gradually creating the links over an indefinite amount of time is a lot safer than within either 30 days or a set timeframe.
    After those 30 days are up with RX, then what? _/\____

    I know SERE posts to same sites over again, but it's different when left running, random times, not stopping and starting, not all in 1 day then none.
    Idk that's my opinion.
  • @Anth20 fair point. I only used RX for a couple of hours then cancelled, it just wasn't right for me. I hear what you're saying though.

    As with any tool/link building it's difficult to act randomly isn't it. A variety of proxies from different countries, posting at open business hours may be taking it too far :))
  • @Anth20 @JudderMan I commented on this in another thread on SERE. Couldn't agree more with you. In fact I was testing a 2.0 rich layer on a test site. Initially it went up nicely, but now is backsliding over the last two days. So, either the algo's catch the footprint [the footprint being the limited number of platforms] or there may have been an actual algo adjustment. Either way, it is best to sprinkle in the 2.0's with various other link/platform types to try to make things look more natural. I am doing some broad match linking today on various platforms to try to dilute any type of footprint. My test site doesn't have my usual PBN layer set up as I wanted to test the direct results of 2.0's. For me, it looks like the test failed. Will update in a few days.
  • alexzetoalexzeto Philadelphia,PA
    I have the lifetime access of RankerX, the tool is good but as mentioned before, you need to create the project, schedule the time frame, the project will stop and now you need to create it again...

    I just subscribed to SERE, never used it before, but right out of bet I can say that if SERE doesn't stop creating web2.0s inside GSA it is going to be way more efficient than RankerX.

  • I used Ranker x for 2 hours. I not like the interface they have. Also I think SERE will be better once they add more engines. I hope Soon things will change and SERE will become Number 1 web 2.0 links creator. I remember Before GSA SER SEnuke was good tool. But Now GSA SER is perfect Link building tool. No one tool provide huge list of platforms for creating back links.There are many other features of GSA SER that no one tool have. I think, GSA SER company should create an other tool for only Creating Web 2.0 links. 
  • Do working in browser is safety or socket is safety? Can anyone say?
    rankerX 100% works in socket.

    While working in socket google will easily track that it's a machine.
    Via socket submission will be fast this was answers by rankerX. But it's a dangerous game to play.
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