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Gsa SER still not working after 1 week of testing

Hey guys, I have been trying GSA ser for 1 week and tested every method, settings, emails, etc.. It just wont work.
Never got beyond 0.2 lpm. When a start a new project I usually get 0.15-0.2 lmp which goes down after few hours to the point where it doesn't submit or verify any further links.
I am using 30 private proxies which are working fine.
Captcha breaker and manual captcha solving as 2nd option.
didn't buy any list because I don't think the problem is in the list. Its something else.
using it on my laptop but I am sure thats not the problem too. Just need to see some results first before I buy a vps or anything.
Please help me , its really really frustrating. I've been saving money for all these tools for 2-3 months and now I have it but can't use it.
Also, i would be so thankful if you could set my setting through team viewer. I know its asking for a lot but I've already tried every possible thing,


  • edited January 2017
    A lot could factor into why that's happening, especially on your own laptop with no lists.
    What internet speed do you have?
    How are you obtaining sites to post to?
    Can you screenshot your SER settings in Options > Submission
    What spec laptop do you have?

    VPS's are a must, but I understand you are just checking things. But you are best off just getting one, you'll need it once you have tested anyway.
    Post the above so I can see what's what.
  • shaunshaun
    Mate, I have told you in like three threads now, with your set up this might just be the LPM you get....

    I guarantee you haven't tried everything as you claim else your LPM would be higher...

    Read this post on how I set my projects up to run at 900 links per minute, although the goal of that project maybe a little different to your goal there maybe a few things in there that can help you.
  • @Shaun, heads up about my situation :) The problem was within my list which consisted for not many urls. I scraped a huge list of k2 blogs using scrapebox and the lpm rose to 5 which I guess can is pretty decent considering my narrow targeting, using only k2 blogs backlinks and using the software on my laptop :)
    Now I am scraping another list of few million web 2.0, articles and wiki websites. Are you interested to share your list with me? :)
  • shaunshaun
    Not in the slightest.
  • shaunshaun
    No worries man :p.
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