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Storm Proxies Recommendation

Hi all,

I have been told that Storm Rotating Proxies is pretty much one of he best out there at the moment. My questions are these:

1) Is this the best on the market or should I be considering something else
2) Based on 5 different instances of GSA running simultaneously, which package would I need and how many packages

Any good info much appreciated. 

Cheers all.


  • Also forgot to add I run the GSA settings at 300 threads to use.
  • You can look at this case study mate: It will help you make an informed decision.

    2) How many projects is each instance running?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Look who's back.
  • @ inet_solutions I have around 60 projects on scheduler running at once.
  • just looked at your case study and it seems that for the money and running at 300 threads per GSA instance I would be better off with 30 dedicated proxies from buy proxies for each different gsa ser instance.

    I was hoping to buy from storm proxies one package that i could deploy on all instances but it seems that wont?

    And I would perhaps have to buy a different package for each instance as appose to just 30 dedicated from Buy Proxies.

    Can you add any advice to this?
  • and also what do you think of Blazingseo proxies in comparison to the above?

    Thanks for your time!
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @monitorr - I would stick with semi-dedicated from Buy Proxies personally. I've done a lot of switching over the years - both between providers and between semi and dedicated - and I've found that to be the best deal by far.
  • @redrays okay thanks for the advice. Makes it nice and easy then :)
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    I'm all about buyproxies as well @monitorr. And you can get away with WAY more than a few proxies per thread. 10 Dedicated proxies from them should be fine for upwards of 600-700 threads.

    I cant speak for Storm Proxies. They might be awesome. I've never had any reason to try anything new.
  • @linklist Wow, okay 10 dedis for 600-700 threads is good news :)
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