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How should I approch this ?

Hello Everyone! First of all thank you for all the valuable information in the forum.

I have a question, I have a website with 250 pages in a foreign country, those pages are between 1 year old and 2 months old, let's say that I want to use SERE to create the tier 1 for theses pages, for the brand link part I can only create a project asking GSA to create 1/4 links per day per URL as brand links (URL, Brand anchor, generic etc....), no problem with that so far.....

Now let's say that I want to create 1 link every 3 or 4 days targeting the keyword of the URL itself, do I need to create a brand new project for every URL ? I know that GSASER has the feature where I can add the keyword like this:|+|keyword1|keyword2|keyword3 - But I've never really understood that feature that well... :-)

I've read in this forum a couple of types that some of you guys create 1 project for the brand anchor and another project targeting the keyword, but I'm not sure how I should proceed with 250 URLS...

I already have a pretty good experience with GSA SER, but I've never dealt with this type of problem before.

Any advice is more than welcome! Thank you everyone!
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