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SEO Indexer vs Ping Engines AND SEO Indexer Idea

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited February 2013 in Need Help

Am I correct in saying that we should ONLY use the ping engines in general options for blog and image comments rather than SEO indexer?

1) Thus, we should set these projects to use "Indexer Services - Only Other"

2) How can we see if SEO indexer is able to keep up with the links? Like if you set it to use 20 threads and have some heavy SER links being created, how is it possible for it to ever keep up? Like if it uses full index that's 1000 links. Now you produce 3000 links on your SER copy, that is 3 000 000 index links with 20 threads....then tomorrow again another 3 000 000...some are pushing big numbers through SER so these numbers would be closer to 30 million...! 

3) Given pt 2, it seems SEO indexer can use a fair bit of CPU resources if we use more threads. Surely it makes more sense to have this on a seperate VPS and have a high thread count? If so, can SER still send links to it or do we have to do it manually?
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