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Very Low Captcha Success Rate

Hi There, I've been running GSA SER overnight, Only check all article type, buying list from 1linklist, clean up by remove dupes on sitelist, using 20 private proxies.

I got around 13k Captcha submitted, but number of wrong captcha around 8,5k! After I manually check several sites, it's the google captcha,
Is it normal?
Does it acceptable? 

This stuff really can't get out of my head.


  • shaunshaun
    The linklist seller has no control over the captcha on the domain, they have a thread somewhere here where you can get in their OCR Captcha beta and that is decent at smashing some harder captchas.
  • So, it's the strong captcha isn't it? 
  • shaunshaun
    Yea, I think so.
  • Thanks for answer, it does make senses right now.
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    Hey Black,

    Shoot me a pm and I'll get you in the beta for free.

    Normally you should NOT be seeing this many captcha hits - we generally push CB only lists. A few days back we had a mixup and pushed a list built with the OCR though.

    This is NOT normal, and WONT happen again - so either way, your success rate should go back up. (Actually it probably has by now, since the mixed list got pushed on the 18th)


  • Aha! I see, thanks to reach me out.

    PM Sent
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