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Related to failed engine problem ?

edited February 2013 in Need Help
a)> I am facing a problem that i am not able to know that which engine is not working for my project ?
b)> How can i know that my this particular engine is getting failed and where will it show on GSA ?
C)> How is it possible that we can check all failed engine ?
D)> Can anyone of you tell me that where does save all failed engine list in GSA ?

Your answer will be appreciated heartily
Thank you


  • your questions are a little bit redundant so i will answer for all

    The only way to check what engines are failing is comparing submissions list with verified list and uncheck the ones with a lot of submissions and poor verified.

    if you want to keep track of failed submissions just save the failed submission list.

    All the list are in SER options> Advanced tab 
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