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How many contextuals unique domains are you currently getting verified?

I dont know if its just me or I am doing something wrong, but the number of unique domains I manage to verify its drasically low. I scrape my own targets and I have purchased paid target list from one of the best sellers here. For example from 5k unique domains joomla k2, it submits to about 2k, and only about 800 gets verified. I use dedicated proxies and yahoo mails.
How are guys standing with contextuals?


  • @gopo2k I took a quick look at my numbers for comparison. Keep in mind, it is upper tier stuff, and I only use GSA Captcha. Across all targeted platforms I am running right at 52% of verified against submitted. I don't have a reference if that is good or bad. Frankly I don't care as it is upper tier. I just scrape my list, load it up and let it run. Every other day I scrape again and repeat the process.

    So it seems I am generally in-line with your results, but there are so many variables that go into SER that it is hard to say.

    I wouldn't worry too much about verified percent though. As long as it is producing for you then it is a matter of adjusting settings, targets, and techniques to hit your homerun. Remember that SER is scalable. So once you have it figured out, it is only a matter of increasing resources [proxies,bandwidth,CPU] and you can scale your projects into a monster.

    Good luck.
  • Hey viking I was wonderin what you do on your upper tiers. Do you do use the option to do per url and if so do you create multiple accounts and post multiple times in each account. And then do you use multiple links on each article created?

    Im getting a lot of conteztuals but it's not enough to scale without posting multiple times per account. Trying to figure out the best solution. Because there's only so many unique domains.

    I'm trying to boost 40k web2.0s more or less
  • Using VPS
    20 Private proxies 
    Bought sitelist
    Using 2Captcha
    5 projects
    Article only
    Only post 1 article per account

    After running roughly a week, I only get around 3K Verified list.
    still looking best setup for my project.
  • shaunshaun
    mate 3k for article only is actually pretty good.
  • Oh really? beginner's luck, I think. 
  • shaunshaun
    I think it is anyway, depends how many of them are K2 and PHPWeb or duplicates but it's not a bad number after filtering.
  • @shaun hey shaun i would love to hear ur opinion on the question i asked above too actually
  • shaunshaun
    @angrykor TBH mate thats one of my case studies right now. I used to build hundreds on single accounts but that dont work anymore.

    Rethinking my whole SER stratergy now.
  • @angrykor
    yes, I open the upper tiers to multiple posts per url. They are garbage links anyway imo so I just blast away. I don't use multiple links. I run SER with projects for specific verticals and it stays focused on specific kw's and only one link out of each posting. Two sides of the coin on that one; multiple links can squeeze out more potential perhaps, but I like to have a narrow pipe for any link juice. i.e. garden hose vs. a spray mist.

    Re: web2.0's I am using sere right now and really like it. There is a thread on this forum on the service so I won't go into too much here. The main thing is that they need to add a lot more platforms. But, the success rate is very good and the quality of the postings are excellent so far. I am actually seeing real traffic from the service. My point is that I think it makes a big difference to use a good service like that for 2.0's. I use this config right now: MS<PBN<SERE<SER so depending on the tier, my content runs from unique hand-written out to scraped+spun.

    40k 2.0's is a big number for a goal. Not sure if you really need that many unless you are in a hyper competitive scenario. More is not better. Better quality is better. I am in the hundreds for my 2.0's per KW and I do fine in serps of 1M++

    good luck!
  • The 40k number is just the backlinks of my pbns that i want boosted. its quite alot but i have quite a few pbn domains. thanx for your insight!
  • got it. I wouldn't open up the platforms in that case. I protect my PBN's big time. I would suggest a separate 2.0 tool though. It seems to make a big difference, at least for my stuff. There are a few choices available and each seems to have its own fan base. I have tried them all and they all have some limitations. But I am sticking with sere even though they only have a handful of platforms right now. It works, and I can easily get a few thousand high quality 2.0's per day if that is what I wanted. The risk though is the major footprint of all of those links coming from only a few sources. So right now I trickle out the activity and am waiting for new platforms. I think high quality 2.0's are the way to go for PBN's.
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