SER takes ages to parse emails?

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Why does SER take so long to parse emails.
Takes hours sometimes just moving up slowly in %.
16:55:00: [ ] Parsing of EMAILHERE done by 1%

Noticed it a few times, but it annoys me as it happens a lot, any ideas anyone?


  • Nevermind answered my own question.

    Emails were filling up making it take longer to parse. derp
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    Accepted Answer
    Yep :) I usually set mine to delete all emails older than 1 day, and on activation.
  • @1linklist

    1 day seems too often, I believe that will delete lots of unverified emails?
    How often are you verifying your Emails in the projects settings so that it doesn't delete unverified emails, automatically or? 
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    1 day is indeed too much, no matter your verification settings you will lose a lot of potential sites due to this. Personally I wouldn't recommend going below 3 days. In other words, if you need to go lower than 3, you're probably pushing your emails too much.
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