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Which is best for web 2.0? rankerX or GSA SER

VMartVMart Natural SEO
edited January 2017 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
In SEO forums like BHW...... experts suggest to use rankerX for all Tier1/web 2.0, please 

tell me why should I use rankerX? So whats the benefit in rankerX.

1) SER also generate web 2.0 will it be quality?
2) Is there difference in ranking authority given by web 2.0 and rankerX
3) I have generated web 2.0 articles using SER but all those links die soon
4) Via SER can I generate pbn links, or pbn links availale in rankerX

If I need high authority web 2.0 for this should I buy rankerX?


  • shaunshaun
    I wrote about SER's web 2 capability in this article might be worth a read for you. As well as how to post to your PBNs in this article

    Both methods provide a fresh page so are as beneficial as each other, right now I use RX for my web 2.0s.

    Also, you will struggle to find an expert on BHW :P.
  • IMHO, I moved away from RX because it can't make ongoing links, so on your backlinks graph it would be like this _|\_  where as with SERE we can gradually scale and increase gaining more power & auth along the way. That's my opinion, used RX for months then realised about SERE and stayed with them.

    Once they get a decent amount of engines going, it's gonna be unbeatable.

    I agree with Shaun though but my opinion is that.
  • shaunshaun
    I have every intention of switching back to SERE when it's out of beta.
  • I mix and match RankerX, Money Robot and FCS, but hoping to add SERE aswell. Also used to have Magic Submitter in my portfolio too.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    Ok I agree all your opinions, Do anyone have answers for the links build by SER dies quickly?????
  • shaunshaun

    I have a few case studies running but nothing solid yet, keep an eye on my blog as I will post them there when the results come in be it good or bad news.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @webm200 - didn't you start another thread asking this same question? I think the consensus was to find other sources for your tier 1 links, be they pbns or Web 2s. Then use SER on your lower tiers, which reduces the impact of the links dying quickly.
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