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Can you force a Keyword group/word to a specific url ?

Hello guys
is there a way in GSA project that i can assing or force a keyword group that i choose (example:lady shows,red shows,women shows) to go to a specific url ? and other keywords a specific url ?

Does the url edit menu works when working with LSI,BRANDING,partial and generic anchor text ?
so far it did not work for me when i tried to put there some keyword and point them to a different page/url



  • SvenSven
    you can only bind a main and secondary anchor to an URL.
  • do you mean in the partial match and secondary achor text?
  • SvenSven
    No, I mean main anchor and secondary one.
  • is this true:{primarykey1|primarykey2}#{secondary1|secondary2}


  • SvenSven
  • good, but one more thing please
    i need a sulotion that wont completely ignore the configuration of partial match anchors, branding anchors, generic anchors, etc...

    i need to choose to work with this option or to work with partial match anchors, branding anchors, generic anchors, etc?

    i can't use both ?

    i think it will be good for the project so i wont have to open a new project for the same site, i will put the keyword i need and bind them to the url i need plus the home page and then

    when ever GSA will use one of the keywords that is shows in the url (like this:{primarykey1|primarykey2}#{secondary1|secondary2} ) it will make the url target relavent, and when ever it will use LSI or branding it will make a randon selection or use the home page.

    what do you think about it ?
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