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Can GSA help me do the following? NOOB here :)

I have a list of Forums (20 for example).

I would like to import these into GSA.

Then GSA signs up with them automatically (Provided I add a username, password and email ofcourse).

Once the process is done . . .

I will then manually (Without GSA), go to these forums and create engagement / socialize.

Is this possible with GSA Search Engine Ranker?

Is there a tutorial I can see?


Sorry Noob here :)


  • SvenSven
    Depends on the forum type. Not all are build to allow posts of forum entries, many just use profile links. And for those it will not work else use the scheduled posting option with "forum Post" as link type enabled. Then a high number of minutes to wait for first post after registration.

    After the registration you will manually want to verify accounts (status: Active (email verify only)).
    Then export accounts by right click on project->modify->export->account data
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