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Hello, it is possible to update automatically my private proxies from using the...

... api from then 

I am using the proxy scraper and private proxies, public are being updated automatically and private I need to do manually, but there is an api on site to get the proxies, 

so guys do you know how to setup this on gsa proxy scraper and get then updated automatically?




  • SvenSven
    well whats their API looking like?
  • topmktwwwtopmktwww Brasil
    edited January 2017
    You can also read your current proxies in a .txt format via your API access for this package
  • SvenSven
    OK, so just add that link as a new provider!?
  • I guess so, 
    Because time to time, the GSA Proxy Scraper should check the link to see if my proxies have changed. (once a week, or once a day, or once a month, maybe something that we can setup), 
    off course I dont know if since we are working with a API there is some push information, 
    but the goal is add the link as new provider and GSA will check if, down the road, my proxies have changed.
  • We have tried to use the API by adding it as a proxy site. We select Parse URL and "add as private proxy type" but it's still not working. Not sure if there are other settings we have to select. Once added the proxies can't be seen in the proxy list.
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