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Is Tier 3 link building still worth it ?

Hi there, 

I'm thinking about using GSA SER for T2 & T3. Do you think it's still worth it to build T3 and if yes what kind of links ? 

For T2 I usually use SER contextual, is it even worth it to spam everything with non-contextual T3 links ? Or maybe contextual T3 links ? 



  • shaunshaun
    it totally depends on your goals, in the past I have ranked keywords with just a contextual T2 sent to an indexer.

    I used to use a T3 in most of my tiers just to index but I have a case study that I will be releasing tomorrow or Friday that shows the efficiency of this has dropped off massively.
  • @shaun I'm curious if your recent case studies after penguin 4 weren't doing well because links weren't getting indexed? Or was it a different issue? Also if you could drop a hint about what you changed from your old strategy to your current strategy. I've just started learning the ropes to scraping and I must admit I can't wait to see your next few posts on your website.
  • shaunshaun
    Nah its the full method that's gone, I had some projects using the indexing service in the case study that I am about to release either tonight or tomorrow when I type it up with 90% of the links indexed and the sites dont budge.

    I have a post planed for how I fixed that site but its only worked on one page, not all of them.

    I dont have a new method thats solid yet but I have one site that is starting to climb nicely so I am going to throw a few more pages up using that.
  • only if T2 are alive but since we are building links in tens of thousands lot of T2 are lost and T3 keeps building links to pages that become non-existent. 

    If T2 links are checked and only T3 built to T2 that are alive than it helps otherwise it is useless. It takes too much time checking , copying , pasting all that many links so i don't bother at all with T3 now.
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