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Sven Please Update GSA Auto Webseite Submitter List !!

Hallo Sven,
Can you update GSA Auto Webseite Submitter websites list ? Success rate is very poor and most of the sites are dead.
l´m interested in Deutsch GSA Auto Webseite Submitter website which l use for my sites.
Thanks @Sven


  • SvenSven
    you are right. I will do that this week.
  • Thanks for your Reply and will wait bis Freitag to test another Campaigns  @Sven
  • SvenSven
    Fixing all present providers is done since yesterday but I am now adding some new and parsing this and adding is still taking a lot time. So please don't get mad if I can't make it till tomorrow.
  • Hi @Sven no problem and thanks for informations
  • It would be good if these are also shown for each directory and option to select directory based on DA

    1.  IP address of the directory
    2.  MOZ DA  is also shown
  • SvenSven
    update is out now, sorry no IP or DA data for now.
  • any time limit when it will be out. PR is useless. Without IP there is no way of knowing on how many IP's these are hosted or hosted in bulk on few servers.
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