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How do I verify the Emails accounts in GSA

Jay9033Jay9033 Vapi
edited January 2017 in GSA Email Verifier
I tried to make backlinks through GSA but when i submit the URL it shows awaiting account verification 
please help me how can i verify the account

 i have attached the screen shot.


  • SvenSven
    you can test this when turning the project's status to "Active (verify emails only)" and watch the log.
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    As @Sven said, you can see what comes through that way.

    Its also worth noting that a TON of sites never send verified emails (For a number of reasons.) Most simply "Pretend" to let you through the registration process, but if they flag you as spam never send a verification email.

    Beyond that, you have many that are simply overloaded server wise (To many bots hitting them at once, taking down the mail server.)

    If *every* site you try to post to is doing that it indicates a problem with your email account. If only SOME do it then its probably what I said ;)
  • Hi there 

    Thanks for the reply but i am new to GSA can you provide me the step by step tutorial.

    it would be very grateful to me.

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