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DBC no run GSA-SER

Hello @Sven, I'm having a lot of problems with deathbycaptcha, they say they have no problems and the problem is in GSA-SER, I've been talking to them for more than a week and I can not connect via GSA-SER

If I enter your DBC panel if I have access, but from GSA-SER I take the test and you do not have access. I do not know if they have changed anything, I know they are a bit unstable, but this is already more than a week.

I changed from 2captcha to DBC because they are a little cheaper, but I see that this instability is not good for my LPM

I have something similar with solve Captchas, access with error, they tell me that I have 49813 to finish the couta of the day, but I never get out of there, I talked to them and it could be a problem of them, I find it strange.

The DBC error is the one that drives me in the ass. I appreciate any comments.   


  • SvenSven
    Thats always the same. They come to us saying it's a bug in SER, but it isn't. The API hasn't changed since years and I haven't changed anything in SER about it + it is working here.

    Their service is simply instable, especially the post-API.
  • I imagined something like this because I have a lot of faith in GSA-SER.
    I have claimed the payment for Paypal, since they are 100K contracted and I will do it for 2captcha, which is something more expensive but more stable.

    Thanks for your quick response 
  • Hey guys, 

    I'm a rep. from DBC and I can help you out! 

    We have received some recent feedback about issues between our service and GSA SER. Our team is investigating the reports and should have more info within 24-48 business hours. 

    @porlapatria, I have contacted you over PM for more assistance. 

    If you need a hand with anything else, please let me know. 

    Best Regards, 
  • I was able to use deathbycaptcha  service in past 2 days without problems, sending more than 20k captchas by GSA ranker. I know that deathbycaptcha is using some type of DDoS protection that is not tolerant to some instructions considered as wrong(invalid logins, corrupted http requests, huge images size, slow or problematic internet connections etc). Once the users IP ends banned GSA software fails to show user balance, upload images or any other API usage.

    This problem can be solved by GSA just adding support to DBC socket API or showing a warning to users about IP banned instead of show not much useful info.
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