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no engine matches

I started T3 project with comments etc, but have very low LPM and log full of "no engine matches" messages. What does it mean?


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    Hey @Bumsie,

    That means that the SER could not identify the platform as something it could post to. Pretty normal response - We get that on about 50% of what we scrape, and were SUPER targeted in our scrapes.
  • But I use verified list.
  • and lpm is 6!
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    Are you using private proxies? If not try that.

    Any link/page filters? This is going to seriously contribute to your LPM.

    Are you ALSO scraping at the same time? If so, disable that. Going to crawl while also running a ver list slows things down greatly.

    Is your max-page size set at 1mb? If so try increasing it to 4-5 MBs.

    Is your page-timeout set at 30? If so try increasing it up to 180 or so.

    Finally, how many threads are you running. Increasing this always leads to an LPM increase.
  • Yes private, no any filters, not scraping, I do not know where to set max-page size, timeout - 180, 1000 threads, and 3 projects eat more than 2.5 GB of memory, I feel because a lot of "no engine matches"
  • @royalmice can you help me?
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    @bumsie sure make contact with me via Skype so we can chat.

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