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Hello, I'm from Brazil and I would like to know which platform to tier 1 should I use for escorts

Hello, I'm from Brazil and I would like to know which platform to tier 1 2 3 should I use for escort sites should I also uncheck the filters with adult keywords could someone help me?


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    You should definitely ditch adult keyword filters if your going after a primarily adult niche. You WANT To be associated with that sort of thing ;)

    As for which platforms to use, well, without really knowing what works in that vertical I cant answer you. I assume your going after local keywords right?

    Pop open ahrefs, (Grab the $7 trial if you dont have it - make sure to cancel though, it rebills at $200).

    Start searching all your local competitors - see what they are doing. Dont just look at the surface link reports, look into everything - tiering - several levels deep.

    Evantually you will find somebody else killing it, using SER, in exactly the same niche. If your specific city does not turn up anybody to copy then check other cities in your area.

    Then copy them. Wholesale.

    Then build more links, of higher quality.

    Be prepared to mix in Social Signals, Web 2.0 properties, and even hand-curated links. Escort services is a EXTREMELY profitable niche, and so very competitive. You'll more than likely have to go above and beyond a simple SER campaign. SER is just your foundation.

    Then you Win.

    PS: Dont just rely on Ahrefs. Use Google-fu when researching competitors - and even Yahoo and Bing (As they will show you a different chunk of Index/Backlink profiles than Google does).
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