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Verify emails only

I set "Verify emails only" I'm waiting the end of emails verification and what I have to see? Yes I see "23:55:54: [+] 225/490 Re-Verification (round 250833) of Joomla - Blog successfull"


  • I mean hundreds of "Re-Verification..."
  • SvenSven
    so? You mean the ReVerify shoul dbe skipped in this status?
  • Yes. Does ONLY mean something else except ONLY? May be it would be better to rename it to "Verify emails and ReVerify links" and to add real "Verify emails only"? :) By the way I still verifying emails and now have only 133/48/139 MB from initial 300/300/300. Actually now your great application has two bottle necks: email verification speed and x86 architecture. Even now when app only verifies emails it eats 2 GB of memory and 6% CPU.
  • SvenSven
    Well seriously, 2GB of memory usage for email verification? How many emails are on your inbox? SER would read email by email and proceed them and free its memory once it is done with one. I can not see how this could cause so much memory usage. Maybe it is a good idea to send me that project and debug?
  • seohubseohub
    Any reason why you don't delete emails once processed?
  • Not me, or SER does not delete them or it does not process them and as consequence does not delete them. Because "Delete message when verification link was found" enabled, and box is full of such messages.
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