Trouble Getting Articles Verified

Hey Guys

I am seeing 'awaiting account verification' beside my submitted article links.  Like all of them.

Does this mean I have a proxy issue - that perhaps the sites in question are blocking my proxies?  Or something else?



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    This means that SER has not found an activation email for them.

    You can tweak your email settings, but a LOT of sites simply stop sending out activation emails after awhile. Usually in favor of manual approval.
  • Hmmm I checked my emails (catch-all) and they are testing as working.  I'll swap out the proxies just in case.
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    You should keep an eye out for project conflicts (If using throw-away emails on multiple projects), and if using catch-alls that "Empty inbox" option could be wiping everything out.

    Other than that, I cannot think of anything else.
  • One other thought: if I have set these to re-verify, do they count as 'verified' the first time round or only when they have been re-verified?
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    account verification is unrelated to that function. Account verification only needs to happen once. That option is about verifying backlinks. :)
  • Ah gotcha.  Well I swapped out my emails and proxies.  I only have the option selected to delete email upon verification.

    Let's see if either of those work!
  • @sven - Any thoughts on this?

    I have tried and tested:

    - Swapping out emails (they are tested and working)
    - Swapping out proxies (they are tested and working)
    - Only using my verifieds list
    - Playing around with the catch-all email (using the button in GSA - tested and working of course)
    - Only importing site lists that I have
    - Setting it to only create 1 account per site
    - Scaling or pulling back all my project and other filters 

    I have set-up projects testing all of the above.

    The only thing that moved the needle and led to >1 link being created was turning off the language filter and letting GSA build links on non-English sites.

    Running 500 threads, using link lists (@1linklist and @Loopline) and my own verified lists I cannot create one single DF, contextual article link...  

    Almost every submitted URL shows "awaiting account verification"... Help!
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    Ah, I thought we were still talking specifically about your original error message. I didnt know you werent able to make contextuals - period.

    It sounds like you have something awry in your project settings.


    1. Username - are you randomizing or reusing an old one?
    2. Password - Same - If you reused a username but not a password this can be a problem sometimes.
    3. Emails obviously - Said you did that. Are you using catch-alls or static addresses? Try new ones if its static.
    4. Check your spintax for your articles. An error here can mess up everything.
    5. Do you have everything toggled correctly to drop links in your articles?
    6. If none of this helps, run 100 contextuals and PM me your project log. Something weird is obviously going on ;)


  • looplineloopline
    In addition to @1linklist
    You could try back to basics.  Create a new project, add a fake url and some non spun fake content/article.  Just keep it basic.  Load in a few mails, and only what you need to get the project running.

    Don't change any other setting other then loading in some verified lists.  Then let it run, does it work?

    SER is a bit complex and as Jordan noted 1 little thing can change things.  Also your welcome to backup one of your projects and mail it to me.  Or duplicate it and remove any info you want to keep private and then back it up and mail it to me. 

    Ive gone thru project files before and seen where people have literally checked 1 box that completley conflicted with another setting and wound up producing 0 links as a result.  Lots of things in SER affect lots of other things, which is good, but if you put together the wrong cocktail it gets messy, lol. 

    Thats why I always go back to basics for a baseline. 
  • Thanks guys, I knew I'd get some different ideas to what I've already tested.  I'll quickly go through Jordan's points:

    1-2.  I use Kontent Machine.  I have tested different produced packs - didn't make a difference.  I'll try manually putting these in and see what happens.
    3.  Yeh I use catch-alls (Spartans).
    4.  I have my own manually spun articles, I'll try those.
    5.  I use tokens to drop links (%link%) from KM.  I have done this before so there shouldn't be any issues here?
    6.  Thanks - I'll try more tests and maybe take you up on this!

    Thanks as well.  I'll try continually breaking things down.  This morning I set up more tests - one with no Recaptchas (I use both your normal and recaptcha list with 2captcha - I'll try getting rid of that one).
  • shaunshaun
    Do you have team viewer?
  • shaun  - sent you a PM
  • So I created a super bare bones version:
    • The only filter was that the website submitting to had to be in English.  
    • Manually put in keywords, anchor text, article, title, about me, profile image and signature.  
    • No recaptcha (using GSA CB only).
    That is finally seeing some verifieds at a ratio of about 1:10 (verified:submitted).
  • Had a teamviewer session with Shaun.  It's the language filter basically.  If you see a few posts above I had already seen this:

    'The only thing that moved the needle and led to >1 link being created was turning off the language filter and letting GSA build links on non-English sites."

    I didn't realise that this does filter out English (US/European sites too) in addition.  So I guess it was 'clashing' with real English sites somehow...?
  • PS. @Shaun is the best
  • looplineloopline
    @Shaun is very good. :)  Glad you got it sorted.
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