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Multithreaded email checking

I miss about multithreaded email checking. Now mail checking lasts too long :(


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    Are you using proxies to download emails? If your using public ones its going to be slow (Either public proxies and/or public emails.)

    A catchall like Seospartans or your own domain is much faster. I'm not sure if email-downloading is multithreaded or not, but I've never noticed it take more than 30 seconds or so for me.
  • Set Active VE, Seospartans, no proxies, can't download few hours :( Cpu - 5%, Network less than 1%. By the way wrote a letters to your support@.... few days ago, and didn't receive any answer yet, from them too :D
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    Is it possible you have an AV or firewall on your server that is blocking the email port? (110 and 25 I think)
  • no. mail checking goes but it seems to me slow enough. Also I can't solve periodical message like "[-] POP3 RETR(7732) failed - -ERR Message 7732 expunged."
  • SvenSven
    using many threads for email checking is not a good idea. You can use one connection only per ip/proxy to one email provider, else you get banned soon.
  • May be but catchall services made for mail service. Why not? I'm trying to empty my catchall boxes from Seospartans for a second of the third day running on end, but each of them are still filled ~ 200 MB and I do not see progress and do not understand what goes on inside the application. It looks like go round in a circle.
  • SvenSven
    well set it up to delete emails after 1 day? That should work.
  • Seospartans strongly recommended to set ONLY "Delete message when verification link was found" and "Time to wait between two logins 5 seconds", on E-Mail verification page. So I did as they said... (Delete message if older than ... (OFF) - If you're using an email provider who does this automatically in their backend (such as ourselves) , you should leave this off.) In their dashboard I set up 3 days.
  • Really mail checking goes too slow. Now I have 140.656 mb/65.910 mb/158.580 mb.
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