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Cant seem to get rid of "Already Parsed" no matter what

We have been using GSA SER for YEARS and have never had this issue until the last few weeks.

We scrape our own backlinks PLUS we have purchased from at least 4 providers here at the forum so that we always have good quality premium backlinks created.

Use to, you could simply delete all history data, delete all cache and delete accts as well.. Bam you would have a pretty much a fresh install and it would run great.

Now, no matter what we do we get "ALREADY PARSED", in short we can run 1000 projects for 24 hrs and get at most 20-100 backlinks simply because its counting urls we submitted to years ago.

SVEN - Please tell me what to do here to get rid of this already parsed issue.

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    This already parsed might come in due to the fact that the option to "continuously try to post" option was removed and replaced with "Retry to submit to previously failed submitted sites XX times".

    However it would not explain why you would get less submissions/verifications done now. Since when did you see this happening? What version did you use before?
  • Im not sure on the version but it started about 3 weeks ago I guess. We always update immediately when a new version is released.

    It seems if I run on active it doesnt do it but when I use a global list feed or add a new search engine with a new feed then it does it.

  • SvenSven
    well then I guess you still have the previous version linked to the start menu. Just start that and see if it makes a change.
  • I guess the best way to do this would be to,

    Backup projects and settings
    Do complete uninstall and clean install?

  • SvenSven
    naw that would not fix anything. make a screenshot of your project settings please.
  • I have made several adjustments and seems its running better so will close this for now however I am still getting loads of already parsed even after a completely clean start. It only happens with the NEW search engine I added which is fed by a url feed.

  • SvenSven
    and that url feed is returning the real URLs or just URLs on the same domain with some encoded URL as parameter?
  • Returning the real urls like it would within a text file in GSA files but instead its on the web page itself.
  • SvenSven
    can you post a sample in pm ?
  • private message sent with full details so you can test.

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