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How do I deal with the "no form at all" error?

Hi Everyone.
Is there any way to deal with this error?


  • SvenSven
    Get better site lists if you imported one. This error usually shows that the URL SER wants to submit it not of the expected type.
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    Like Sven said - more targets. This is not an "Error" so much as the discovery that the page/site in question is not suitable for posting to. It literally means there is no where to post - no blog comment, no sign up page, etc.
  • hi i have the same issue..not form at all...but im open the url in question ...and it has a form to fill so what is happen here?? am talking about k2 platform
  • SvenSven
    this thread is over a year old. However, what URL was it in detail? If you get a No Form at all error, it might mean that your proxy is down as well.
  • I also think that sorting out a list is a good way. It may be more troublesome to do.
  • It means that the target that gsa ser are going into have no form to fill ur info with , so it will just tell u no form at all

    for example the engine of article first go for a registration page
    if the site have closed registration then there will be a no form at all
    but it will still identify the site for that specifc engine
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