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How Automated Backlinks Work?

I want to know that how automated backlinks work? I mean to ask that these days every website has capchas and if lets say GSA users use  captchas breaker even then every comment is approved by moderators. So how we can get backlinks with the help of GSA. Moreoever how  about the articles? where these articles get published  when we use GSA?  Can GSA help us with guest posts and yahoo answers as well?   


  • SvenSven
    GSA is just the company...GSA SER (short term for Search Engine Ranker) is able to do all that. Of couse you are right that websites who need approval would need clean and niche related content to get approved. That however can be done with SER.

  • Ok thanks for replying. Kindly also tell that is it possible that when I provide my own urls to GSA SER and lets say most of the blogs among those urls wont allow guest posts or comments then how the backlinks will be made?  
  • 1234876675412348766754 Utrecht
    edited December 2016
    If they do not allow blogcomments/guastbooks, GSA SER won't use those websites.
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