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How to target platforms that create a subdomain?

Is there an easy way to choose only platforms that will create a new subdomain in the engine selection?


  • SvenSven
    no sorry.
  • Ah ok, guess i'll be doing it by hand then. 

    Hopefully sometime in the future you'd be able to add it.  Even something as simple as "uncheck all engines that do not create subdomains" would be good enough, like you already have for uncheck all noncontextuals and uncheck all engines that are nofollow.
  • Try SEREngines, they have some that create subdomains of web2 sites. It's an addon to SER for $15/mo. I just started using it.
  • Yep, I have them too.  It's just that some of their engines don't create subdomains and some do so it requires some testing and analysis to figure out which ones to pick for subdomain creation.
  • It wouldn't take that long to get the answer to your question :O
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