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Captcha Sniper scam?

Hi, Captcha Sniper is still in the list of Captcha that can be used in GSA SER. i just wanted to share my story with other users.

I just wanted to say i had a bad experience with this software. I wanted to use it as secondary captcha breaker behind GSA captcha breaker. In fact, i had difficulties to get a license, and when i received an official license from Captcha Sniper after 24 hours, the license didn't work. 


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    edited December 2016
    They will get your License fixed up. Captcha Sniper is not a "Scam", Captcha Breaker is just a much better tool for its job.

    Their licensing system is annoying and convulted though, I'll give you that.
  • SvenSven
    Removing it from GSA tools would be a nice marketing step but I would not go that far. However the constant false claims from that CS guy about his system and ours and the fake reviews are more than a good reason to do it.
    Though I see at it as @1linklist does...people will find out whats worth and whats not. :)
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