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Will changing my internet settings effect how GSA runs?

One thing i've been wondering for a while is if changing some of my internet options will change how GSA runs or does it not matter?

If it does, what would be the settings I should have to make GSA run at its best?


  • SvenSven
    The best is to let SER do it's job without per-filtering like firewall and anti virus solutions. However might be something you do not want. The less processes are integrated in the work flow, the better.

  • What I am most worried about are the internet options security settings getting in the way, like enable/disable activex controls, scriptlets, scripting of java applets etc etc?  Could you maybe give me a copy of what these settings should look like for the best GSA performance?

  • SvenSven
    You can skip that dialog completely. SER does not use any internet browser in background. It's all done by SER itself (parsing, webform extraction, java script analysis and so on). I know it's very comman to rely on that using IE or any other browser in backgground...thats not whats happening in SER.
  • Got it, thanks for the clarification!
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