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GSA is not moving to other target sites when I have web 2.0 selected

edited December 2016 in Bugs
I have a campaign I set to run all night that is supposed to create contextual nofollow links to my moneysite.  I checked today after it ran for 12 hours and it made 0 submitted and 0 verified links.  I looked at the logs and this is what I see.  It appears that GSA is just trying to create the same links on these handful of web 2.0 sites over and over again all day long without moving on to the other sites it can use.  The sites are, and - The log is just filled with it trying to create a link on the site but not doing so because the PR is too low.  Shouldn't it be skipping the site after 3 retries like I specified in the settings?

//Log removed//


  • Actually, disregard this.  I just figured out what the problem is.. There are multiple different url's in the site-list that GSA was pulling from so I guess it was trying each one of them. Will delete all duplicate domains and try again.
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