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Too Many Threads

Hi all,

I am getting an important message saying "Blazing OCR - You have too many threads"

On top of this I am also finding that soon after the message arrives, SER just freezes and I have to re-start it. This happens with or without the scheduler running.

I spoke to Blazing SEO and they said it is because I needed to upgrade to all Dedicated Proxies which have unlimited threads, so I then upgraded to 200 dedicated proxies which I have paid a good amount for and it hasn't made any difference at all.

I went have gone back to Blazing SEO and they have told me "it isn't anything they can help with and to go on the forum and post debug logs and thank you for your business". Not happy really because I was advised to upgrade and paid money out for no particular reason.

Does anyone know what this error is or what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.


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    For one thing, this error message has nothing to do with proxies. It means your exceeding the OCR thread limit.

    As to why its freezing SER; its not. Probably the two are just correlated - I would try lowering your thread count in SER, and/or dropping your max-page size limits.

    What are the specs on your VPS and what settings are you running ser at? (Thread count, page size, etc.)
  • well that is exactly what i was suggesting to them and it was their operations manager that advised on this. I was originally asking if i needed to up my OCR threads. Not good!!

    The VPS spec is:

    Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
    (8 x 3.7 GHz+)
    32 GB RAM
    120 GB x 2 SSD or 2 TB SATA3 x 2
    1 Gbps

    the thread count is set to 300. Not sure what you mean by page size, and is there any other info you need?

  • Okay I got a refund and upgraded my OCR and no errors, so that's great thanks for advice.

    SER still seems slow though, LPM has recently dropped to 33. I had this problem some weeks ago and was advised to remove WEB 2.0, Yandex and make all services fill captchas. This resolved the issue but for some reason, since this last problem with the OCR, LPM has dropped and not come back up again.

    Any ideas?
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    No need for all services to fill captchas; I would tier them as is normal. (Cb -> others).

    That should not effect your speed much. CB is *fast*.

    I would try clearing your project history; perhaps you burned through most of the available targets for your projects when the OCR was bugging out?
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