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How & When GSA SER Put Site Lists' Links to Verified?

Hello there, 

Can someone please tell me when GSA SER puts submitted links to "Verified" section? See, I understand : to verify if the submission was successful, GSA SER download the target page and checks for the link there, if it's found, SER puts the link from "submitted" to "verified". But, does it puts link to "verified" section without checking? 

For my current campaign, I have "reverification" checked to re-verify in every 1440 minutes. Here, I am thinking to send verified links to my indexer but when I viewed them from Project Right click >> Show URLs >> Verified  and select the button "Verify" at the bottom, more than 70% of links have had their verifications failed. I checked them manually also. Those who have their verification "failed" don't have my site's URLs and those who successfully passed the verification check here have my site's URL.

If they are not verified then how come they are available in this verified links report in the first place? Are they put here for that 5-days window when, if they are not verified within 5-days, they will be removed from the project? 

If it's so then which links should I send to my indexer service? Of course I want to send only those pages where my backlinks are available. 

I also wanna ask if this is normal? Link, you creates 1000 verified URLs of all the type daily and check inside Show URLs pop-up, do you also get same 60-70% failure rate at that moment? 


  • this is y it has an option called re-verifying existing backlinks in "X" days.very common thingy.
    anyway why do you really care about indexers ? nowadays nobody wants to use an least me lol. why not to build few lower tier-ed campaigns.

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