Posting mutlipy times same URL to same site

Anyone knows how to solve?
GSA SER is submitting the same backlink multiply times to the same domain/url. 
I know my settings only accept this twice:

Still, it's like 6-8 time sometimes. 


  • shaunshaun
    Pretty sure its the tick in the per URL tick box.
  • Doesn't that tick mean "post X amount of links per domain PER URL from tier 1?"
  • shaunshaun
    Accepted Answer
    Pretty sure that lets the SER project hit the same target domain multiple times with the same project url, untick it and try. See if you have the same problem.
  • 1234876675412348766754 Utrecht
    edited December 2016
    Thank you :-) 
    Working on the media as well right now :-) 
    Just finding the correct way to put them there (1 had an error, gave the full link instead of a media).

    Or does it always show up like: "(Image:" @Shaun?
  • shaunshaun
    I'm not a coder in the slightest but im pretty sure thats the wrong code, try this.

    I use KM to auto inject code and thats what it puts in and it works for images, for youtube video it just puts the iframe embed in. I also let SER add images and video sometimes too.
  • If u click that option u basically post twice per every url that ur building links to on the Data -> url area.
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