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Unable to remove links

I have not been able to remove links from GSA SER projects.I have tried two methods:

select the project>>set status>>Active(Remove Links) and click the START BUTTON.

Response: This method removed about a third of the links the first time I used. Since then, I have  not been able to remove the rest of the links.

select the project>>Right Click>>Show URLs>>Verified URLs>>Select all URLs in the pop-up dialogue box>>Right Click>>Turn Project Active and   Remove Selected Links.

Response: "Project is still running or was running when you opened this dialog. Please close this dialog, stop it and reopen."

May someone please help..

Thank you


  • SvenSven
    edited December 2016
    1. will remove all links from the project where it is possible. It will be done for all engines selected in project options.

    2. you have to stop the project first and then do this procedure again


    Anyway SER can e.g. not remove links where no account would be required to leave a link (e.g. Blog Comments, Trackback, Guestbooks...).
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